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How to reach Le Marche

Le Marche are comfortable to reach above the highway or by train, plane or boat. Which means of transportation is the most favorable for you, completely depends on your personal wishes.

By Plane: the airport of Ancona (Raffaello Sanzio, Falconara-Ancona): www.ancona-airport.com

The most important Italian airlines are:
•    Meridiana: www.meridiana.it
•    Alitalia: www.alitalia.com
•    Airone: www.flyairone.it
•    Airdolomiti: www.airdolomiti.it
•    Myair: www.myair.com
•    Air Italy: www.airitaly.it
•    Air Valle: www.airvallee.com
•    Blue Express: www.blue-express.com
•    Itali airlines: www.italiweb.it
•    Wind Jet: www.volawindjet.it
•    Skybridge Airops: www.skybridgeairops.com
•    Flyonair: www.flyonair.it

By Motorway: take the autostrada A14 (Direction Bologna – Ancona)

By Bus: for information
EuroLines - www.eurolines.com
Busabout Adventure coach Travel Europe - www.busabout.com
Europe by coach - www.europebybus.com
Buses on the web - www.busweb.com

By Train: information, timetable and fares www.internationalrail.com to book from outside of Italy and www.trenitalia.it if in Italy. Your railway station is Ancona

By Ship: tourist port of Ancona, Numana, San Benedetto del Tronto

For visit Italy as a tourist you have to present personally the request for entry Visa (if you need) to Italian Diplomatic Representatives in your country. An entry Visa is the document that authorizes you to enter into the Italian Territory or the Schengen Space.

Conditions for obtaining Visa

To request an Entry Visa for Italy you must go to a foreign diplomatic representative and provide the following information:
1.    your personal information and that of any dependant family members;
2.    a photocopy of your passport or any other equivalent document;
3.    your destination;
4.    the length of your stay;
5.    the reason for your visit;
6.    the means of transportation used for arrival;
7.    the means of economic support during visit;
8.    accommodation conditions;

You have to show the money availability that allow you to support the expenses of food, lodging and return ticket. Sometimes the authorities ask for invitation letter from an Italian citizen. At the moment of the Visa request you have to present the documents that confirm both the economical availability and the object and the lodging conditions; you must have an insurance policy.  
Your economical availability can be confirmed by the showing the currency in euro or in dollars or in documents. As alternative you can have a guarantor policy that assure the demanded sum for sustenance and return ticket.
The guarantee sum depends on the period that you think to remain in Italy.
The Diplomatic Authorities, after having evaluated and verified the information you supplied (this is done for security reasons among other things) will issue the Visa within 90 days of the request. If  the maximum duration of your stay is not prescribed in the visa, it is assumed to be 3 months starting from the day of your entrance at the border.

Stay in Italy over 8 days

Only for sojourn over 8 days you have to present yourself at the nearest Police Headquarters (questura) to declare your presence and request a Temporary Residential Permit. The document will be given out within 20 days after the request and have the same duration as the visa.
The persons, that don’t declare their presence at the police, can be deported.
This kind of residential permit can not be converted into another kind of residential permit.
Documents to present to police:
- a copy of your passport;
- 4 standard identity photo;
- declaration of a lodging availability;
- documentation about your economical availability during the stay in Italy and for return to your country;
- registration to the national health service or insurance policy valid in Italy (for periods over 30 days).

Stay in Italy for a long period

While a Visa is the document with which you are authorized to enter Italy, the Permit of Stay allows you to legally live in Italy for a determined period of time.
The duration of the Permit of Stay conforms with the length indicated on the Visa released by the Italian Consular Representative abroad.
- Travel, Business or Tourism: the first Permit of Stay, issued for Travel, Business or Tourism reasons, can be no longer than 3 months.
- Seasonal Labor can be no longer than 9 months.
- Employment for a determined period can be no longer than 12 months
- Employment for an indeterminate period can be no longer than 24 months.

Requesting a Permit of Stay

To make a request for your first Permit of Stay you must utilize the form provided at Police Headquarters.
When you receive your Permit of Stay, you will have to present proof of enrolment with the National Health Care Service or the acquisition of health insurance that is valid in Italy.

Renewal of permit of stay

In General: the request for the renewal of the Permit of Stay must be made at least 30 days before the original expires. The new Permit of Stay, upon the first renewal, will have a duration double that of the period of the first Permit.

Employment for a determined period: at least 90 days before expiration date.

Employment for an indeterminate period of time:
at least 60 days before expiration.

Tourism and Short Stays: for those who have entered Italy without a Visa, for Tourism or with a short term Visa, the renewal of the Permit of Stay can only be done in emergency situations.

the receipt for the renewal of your Permit of Stay must be demonstrated at the ASL offices in order to continue to use the health services. For renewals, as well, you must fill out the form available at Police Headquarters.

Along with the form the visitor must attach:
   1. 4 passport size photographs
   2. photocopy of passport or equivalent document
   3. documentation attesting economic independence while visiting
   4. documentation that explains the reason of stay and the time required for stay.

Economic sustainability may be ascertained on the basis of a declaration by the visitor upon renewal of the Permit to Stay.
Within 20 days of the request the Questor will renew the Permit or eventually convert it into another type of Permit of Stay.
If you interrupted your stay in Italy for a continuous period of more than 6 months, and if you have a Permit to Stay that lasts 2 years or, if you were outside of the National Territory for a period that is more than half of the time permitted on your Permit of Stay, you can no longer obtain a Permit renewal unless you can demonstrate that your absence from Italy was for military obligation in your country of origin or documentation of an emergency situation that kept you from returning to Italy.

Acquisition of Italian citizenship

Italian citizenship can be automatically acquired:
- by filiation (birth to an Italian parent); this is consistent with the principle of jus sanguinis;
- by birth on Italian territory to stateless parents or to unknown parents or to parents who can not transmit their nationality; this is partially consistent with the principle of jus soli;
- by paternal/maternal acknowledgment or legitimation.

Through special application:
- for those of Italian origin up to the second degree, the applicant must have served in the Italian military or civil service or have resided for two years in Italy after reaching the age of majority;
- if Italian-born, the applicant must have resided in Italy continuously from birth to adulthood.

Through marriage:
- after 2 years of legal residence in Italy, the spouse of an Italian citizen can acquire Italian citizenship through naturalization. Those periods are reduced respectively to one year and one and a half year if the couple has a child (natural or adopted) provided a lack of criminal record and lack of national security concerns.

Through naturalization:

- after 10 years of legal residence, absence of criminal record, and sufficient financial resources, a foreigner may naturalize (three years for former Italian citizens up to the second degree and for aliens born on Italian territory, four years for nationals of EU member states, five years for refugees or stateless persons and seven years for the adoptee of an Italian national).

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