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How to buy real estate in Italy? How to find your perfect property in Italy? Why buy a property in Italy? Who assists in buying property in Italy?

We present you a guide and general tips and information on the process of buying property in Italy.

Buying a house in Italy is no more complicated than buying a house in your country.

Having found your house in Italy, viewed it and decided it is 'the one,' then it is time to formalize things with the following steps of buying property in Italy:

1) When you visited and inspected in every part the property and have been informed about the purchase conditions and the relative costs regarding the house, with the PURCHASE RESERVE (known as the riserva-offerta) you offer your price signing an agreement which shows you are serious about the property and want to reserve it, this is accompanied by a small deposit (about 1000,00 €). Within the deadline of this reserve the Preliminary Contract containing all the specific conditions of the sale shall be drawn up; the sum paid shall be considered as part of the purchase price of the property. Should the negotiation fail the amount of 1.000,00 € will be reimbursed.

This is the exchange of private contract (compromesso) between the purchaser and seller, written in both Italian and English, which is a binding legal agreement to complete the purchase. This document should be prepared by a professional (real estate agency) and it will define the selling conditions: all the exact details of the property, rights of way, payments, time of possession, guarantee by the seller by the lack of mortgages. The price agreed is stipulated plus the agreed deposit (caparra) which is about 30 percent of the purchase price. If the sellers pull out after the preliminary is signed they have to pay you the double of your deposit. If you pull out, you’ll lose your money. This protected the purchaser from the seller selling to another bidder.

The validity of the preliminary contract starts with the payment of the agency fees and the agreed deposit (caparra).

Between the preliminary agreement and Final Contract in front the Notary, we consider a wait of one to three months.

That’s important and essential to have a codice fiscale and an Italian Bank account to do the Final Contract.

OBTAIN THE “CODICE FISCALE”.  Italian tax code available from the tax office. You need one to buy a property in Italy and to open a Bank account and it is completely free.

You’ll need to open one because it will be necessary to transfer funds to your Italian bank account before signing the Final Contract. You need to pay all expenses and make sure the correct and full amount will arrive into the account of who should receive the money. Then the Bank will prepare you for the Final Contract cheques (assegni circolari) you need to pay over to the seller.

This is where the sale is completed at the offices of a local notary. This process is often referred to in Italian as the 'atto notarile'.
The Notary has to control and guarantee the property clear title and take care of any other problem pertinent to the property. The sale taxes are paid by the buyer and the amount will depend on the declared price. You need to be present to sign the documents in front of the Notary and if you don’t speak fluently Italian you’ll be assisted by a qualified translator and you’ll have the power of attorney in your language. At the closing you’ll have to pay the balance of the transaction, the notary, the taxes and whatever expense is required to complete the contract.

Note: Check the estate agent is duly registered in the Ruolo degli Immobilairi.

Contact us about buying a property in Italy! We assist you to find an ideal property in Le Marche!


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